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Saturday, September 11, 2010

New cloth for Eidul Fitri 2010

I`m celebrate it with my family.I`m very happy.I got the new cloth.Although at the first time I`m not interested with the colour of that shirt but finally I accept it.My father gave me a long advices for me.He said that I must be happy with that shirt because someone had gave it.Free...Hahahaha.Yes that true.No point to reject the good present from someone.Ohhhh..thank papa and umi...That was the nice present from both of you.

My new coloring shirt.Hahahahah ....It look nice to.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Breaking Fast

I`m back home now.School holliday to celebrate Eid Fitri.Today i breaking fast with my family.My father just has the drink and a few of kuih.My sister eat chicken rice.My mum eat koey tew soup.Me...just share the chicken rice and koey tew.Very simpe meal.Hahahaha.....
At 10.30 pm after solat tarawih,my father and my sister go to the restaurant in the front of my house.This time they take the heavy meal.Rice with keli fish.I`m not join okay..

These are my father favorite drink.

Ais Kacang with chocolate ice cream

Coffee Radix Shake with chocolate ice cream

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sajak Merdeka

Pada tarikh 31 Ogos 1957
Berakhirlah penjajahan di Tanah Melayu
Bermulalah episod baru...........

Kedengaran remaja-remaja muda
Bersorak keriangan
Di sana sini terlihat
Bendera-bendera berkibaran
Diseluruh bandar
Menjadi terang gemilang

Wahai semua
Sambutlah kemerdekaan ini
Kebebasan yang dulunya kita nantikan
Kini tiba saatnya


Monday, August 16, 2010

Too late

Ohhh... I think i`m not too late to say "Selamat hari Guru" to all of my Teacher.Thank for everything. Hahahaha
I hope my teachers in Al Hidayah really like the cake that my father had gave it. Chocolate cake.....mmmmm ..delicious...Thank papa...

My shoes

Oh wooo.I`m not so sure what happen to my shoes.My feet going bigger or my shoes got smaller.I hope my father can see it.And i hope he will understand.I`will never ask him for a new shoes.But i hope he will give me the new one.Hahahaha.I`m waiting papa.

Back to hostel

I got to leave my home. Because i stayed in hostel.I feel very sad.But i must leave my lovely sister.Ohhhh, my dear a good girl.Don`t be sad. Two week later i will be at home again.Hahahahaha.I be so sad to.That why i walk away without see at the back.                                       . 


Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hai..... My name is Princess Icha. But you can call me Princess Wiesya or any thing. Never mind. I like to write. And i hope you will like it. I love my father, mother and my sister, Mia. Although my sister always fight with me. I always want to be with my family but i cant do it. I stayed in hostel. Only in holiday i be home.

Mia..mia.. mia...
My naughty sister....
I like you
and i love you
but you always
want to make me angry
i never mind